Music Education Consultancy

We provide advice and in-service training sessions for anyone involved in delivering the music curriculum. For individual teachers, whether general class teachers or specialist instrumental teachers, for individual schools, and for music services and local education authorities.

For individual primary teachers, we could provide a series of one-to-one sessions (or in a small group) helping you with aspects of primary music, for example, how to plan and run a beginners recorder group, or how to get your class singing with enthusiasm.

For instrumental teachers, it could be how to integrate effective (but painless) aural training or sight reading into instrumental lessons, or techniques for using improvisation as part of the learning of technical skills.

For schools and music services we can provide INSET presentations focussing on many different aspects of instrumental and class music teaching, including mixed ability group teaching, Wider Opportunities programmes, and composing and improvising in the classroom. We are currently offering these two presentations by way of example of the kind of thing we can offer:


Much group teaching and ensemble material is differentiated from the top down, so that the parts for the least able are uninteresting dilutions of a more complicated tune. Christine Hurley shows how, by making simplest parts have the core rhythmic and pitch interest, and differentiating upwards, all pupils in groups/ensembles can have a satisfying and enabling experience. Christine will take aspects of pitch, rhythm and ensemble technique and focus on how to improve those skills from within the chosen repertoire, thus improving pupils’ musical ability and their performance.

This is a practical session with opportunities for playing musical examples which Christine will provide, so please bring your instruments.

Suitable for all instrumental teachers, but possibly most effective if delivered in instrumental teams, in order to have sufficient time to explore the music.

Indicative time allowance: 1 hour 30 minutes


You’ve planned the lesson; you have the resources ready. But as the lesson proceeds you become all too aware that the gap between those who can, and those who struggle, is becoming a gaping chasm. How do you reconcile such variance within each group lesson? Christine Hurley demonstrates how to keep everyone on task so that all abilities are stimulated and challenged. Christine shows that by differentiating the objectives and expectations for the group, as well as differentiating by material and outcome, you can successfully integrate diverse individual learning situations in your teaching groups.

This is a practical session with opportunities for playing musical examples which Christine will provide, so please bring your instruments.

Indicative time allowance: 1 hour 30 minutes

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